Bone Tracker.

Maddog’s BoneTracker program is absolutely the best roll tracking software out there. And the best part about it – it’s absolutely free. BoneTracker requires MS Excel to function properly. For what you’ll save over paying for a lesser quality program you can purchase a copy of Excel of your very own. Or you can go the open source route and download a copy of Open Office and use it instead. MOST of BoneTracker’s functions will work with Open Office – and it’s also free.

Maddog offers two versions of Bonetracker. One is for the latest version of MS Office. The other is for older versions. Both are full featured programs that take awhile to learn. Full documentation is included with the program so you’ll pick up the basic quickly enough. One thing I can tell you is that you absolutely DO want the roll tracker macro to run, so when you open the program you need to go into MS Excel and give the program permission to use macros.

Read and follow all directions. Here are those download links:

BoneTracker for current versions of Excel: BoneTracker Roll Tracking Software for Current Versions of Excel
BoneTracker for older versions of Excel: BoneTracker Roll Tracking Software for Older Versions of Excel