Seven Things To Do While Waiting for the Dice

Over the last few years I’ve talked a lot on the Axis Power Craps Forum about the fact that the best bet to make on a random roller is “no bet.” Unfortunately, for most of us standing at the table and not betting is about as exciting as watching milk curdle. What can you do while waiting for the dice? Here are seven ideas I’ve used through the years.

1. Take a bathroom break. If you’re like most players, you wait until the last possible moment to leave the table and take care of business. Don’t make yourself miserable next time. After your hand with the dice, ask the dealer for a cover for your chips and take a break. Your bladder will thank you.

2. Wash your hands. Yeah, I know. This one falls into the “go to the restroom” category. And if you went to the restroom – well, I hope you washed your hands on the way out. But whenever the dice make the turn and are just a couple of players away, you should make a bathroom run to wash and dry your hands so you’ll be ready to toss when the dice come to you. Dice stick to dirty fingers. Keep ’em clean.

3. Chart the adjacent table. This is particularly easy if you happen to be shooting from straight out and the tables are set up end-to-end. You can easily watch two tables at once. Who knows? You might spot another precision shooter in action and get a chance to catch a hand. If you’re charting two tables you are doubling the odds that it’ll happen. But don’t limit yourself to just craps charting. When playing at my local casinos I routinely chart the roulette wheels for repeating sectors and trends while playing craps.

4. Get to know the boys and girls. Chatting up the dealers can pay big dividends, particularly if you include a small wager for them along the way. From time to time, toss out a dollar on one of the hardways for yourself and piggyback the boys on it. It’ll keep you in the action in a small way – and go along way toward getting the dealers on your side.

5. Play mental craps. Mentally placing bets and running “what-if” progressions while standing at the table not only helps pass the time, it sharpens you mentally. Start out by running flat bet or six and eight progressions. When you get good at it, run both at the same time. Not only does it kill time – it will make you a stronger player.

6. Flirt. I admit it. I’m a hopeless flirt. Short ones, tall ones, big ones, small ones. Makes no difference to me. I’m an equal opportunity flirter. It gets me nothing but trouble – but that’s been my middle name for years anyway. And hey! You might get lucky!

7. If you MUST bet – limit yourself to ONE bet per shooter. And if the table is choppy or cold, it had better be on the Don’ts. If you aren’t incorporating the Don’ts into your play on random rollers, you’re guaranteed to lose half the time. Think about it.

There you have it. Seven ways to pass the time while waiting for the dice. Remember, if you want to play with an edge – limit yourself to wagering when you have an advantage. And if you are SHOOTING with an edge – that means only wagering when YOU are the shooter.