Axis Power Craps Dice

<center><strong>Axis Power Craps Dice!</strong></center>

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Looking to sharpen your practice skills with regulation casino dice? Look no further. Axis Power Craps is proud to offer these beautiful 3/4 inch flush-spot, razor edge, high polished dice.

Created from an exclusive cellulose acetate formula developed to insure clarity, hardness and stability, these dice are milled to 1/10,000th of an inch and certified perfectly balanced. They are the perfect dice to take your practice sessions to the next level.

Each five-die stick is serialized and stamped with the Axis Power Craps logo. Designed with precision dice shooter practice in mind, these dice are only sold in two-stick sets containing one stick of red dice and one stick of green dice. Both sticks have matching serial numbers. Your cost? $39.99 plus $3 shipping and handling – just $42.99 total.

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Steve “Heavy” Haltom
PO Box 7094
Tyler, Texas  75711 </center>